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KUNC: “Get Involved: Growing Home”

“Growing Home is an organization offering dual-generation programs to nurture children, strengthen families, and create community. Their early childhood interventions help children …”

Bonfils Stanton Foundation: “2015 Fellow: Meet Teva”

“Teva Sienicki has provided executive leadership at Growing Home from 2002 through June, 2017. Prior to Growing Home, she was a Project Manager at…”

CPR: “For Those Who Work With Colorado’s Poor, Frustrations With Inspirations”

“More than a year ago we saw one census statistic we just couldn’t shake. At the time, nearly…”

TEDxMileHigh: “We can end poverty, but this is why we haven’t”

“As the president & CEO of a non-profit, Teva Sienicki has experienced first-hand the devastating…”

“University of Puget Sound 2016 Alumni Award Winners”

“Recognizes alumni whose commitment, skill, and dedication have had a significant impact in their communities. Through voluntary service in…”